Which Indian States or Cities are perfect for your Make in India Investment?  

make in India

make in India

With India climbing 12 ranks up on the list of Ease of doing Business, the world will be looking forward to come and invest here. Prime Minister has been making the most of every opportunity and has been inviting entrepreneurs from around the world to come and invest in India under the campaign, Make in India. Efforts made by the Indian Prime Minister have changed the reality on the ground level. India’s rank has gradually improved in the list of FDI acquirers.

Third largest startup community, over $100 million per week investment, these are not merely words but results of the efforts made by the contemporary and all the previous governments.

Make in India has helped the country acquire a lot of investment. The Red Carpet policy seems to have worked and investors are now showing interest in India. Here we are going to have an intricate look at the States and Cities, which are ready for investment. When countries like Japan, America, China and Russia have promised to make the investment, it is important on the Indian part to be ready for providing them with the basic facilities like Water, Electricity, Acquitted land, Security and Human Resource.

Perfect States/Cities for Automobile related investment: 

Earlier this year Green Motors announced that they would be investing a whopping sum of $1 Billion in India and help the country in expanding its export. Green Motors is not the only automobile enterprise looking forward to make investment and help India grow, there are many.

States: Maharashtra, Delhi NCR and Tamil Nadu are the perfect states for such developments. The central government and the state governments of these respective states have taken requisite steps in recent past to convert them into manufacturing hub. The availability of cheap electricity, abundant water, human resource and the required security are some of the common reasons why these States are best for establishing automobile plants in India.

make in India

Potential States for establishing Food Park: 

The worry related to agriculture has increased in the world. With India being the nation of farmer, should come forward and take the responsibility of filling everyone’s stomach. A lot of MNCs are looking forward to step into the food production business, owing to the crisis in this sector. India on the other hand is producing affordable circumstances for the establishment of such food parks and agriculture hub.

States: Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh are the top Indian states for establishing a Food Park. States like Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh are leaders in India when it comes down to agriculture but states like Bihar and Andhra Pradesh can also prove beneficial when it comes down to establishing food factories where cakes, breads or packet snacks are manufactured. In recent move, Britannia has established a factory in Bihar and is weighing the possibilities of establishing three more factories.

With India incessant about change, it is the right time for enterprises from around the world to come and invest in India. The central and the state government have also decreased the taxes in recent past and are looking forward to provide more profits on tax and infrastructure front.

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