Who are the top Investors in India and what they are looking for: An Analysis


NASSCOM recently ranked India as the third largest startup community in the world. It also said, India acquires an investment of US$100 Million every week. India has turned out to be the hotspot for investment. Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors from around the world are looking forward to invest money in Indian startups.

One of the major reasons why these investors are showing interest in India can be the huge audience. India being a country of 1.25 Billion people has huge potential of growth and revenue generation. The good thing about the growing Indian startup eco-system is that it is acquiring funds at grandeur rate equally. In a report NASSCOM has also shared the info, that India will be acquiring double funding this year than the last year.

Some of the Top investors in India who have been investing incessantly are:

There is a small little twist in the list here. The names of investors have been included on the basis of deals they have made in the last year and not by the investment they have announced because there is a difference between Deal and Investment announced.

sequoia capitalSequoia Capital: Sequoia Capital has raised a whopping of US$210 million. If news and rumors are to be believed, they are all set to raise around US$800 million. They have a consistent portfolio. They are one of those investors who have been keeping an incessant eye on the Indian startup. Some of the top companies and startups they have invested into are Ola, Mobiwik and Flipkart.

It is sure that it would have been really difficult for the Indian startups to make it large without their money and support. Being at the top of the investment list they have acquired 41 deals in recent past.

tiger globalTiger Global: Coming from New York, this investing enterprise has a well-defined method of investing. Starting with Flipkart and MakeMyTrip, they have been the early investors who dared to invest in nascent Indian Startup.

There has been a time in 2009 when they had to shut their business down and go back because the business was not scaling here in India. Now that they are back, they are aiming to make the most of the stint. With 29 deals in their satchel they rank the second.

Flipkart, Shopclues, CultureAlley and Ola are some of the common enterprises they have invested in.

accel partnersAccel Partners: Portea has been latest enterprise to acquire the investment from Accel Partners. This VC from United States of America has been really incessant with their efforts. Over the time they have completed 28 deals.

Flipkart and Scripbox happen to be their most popular investments in the span of last five years. Till date they have acquired 28 successful deals and rank number three accordingly.

Now that we are well versed with the top investors, it is time for us to understand what it takes to acquire funding from them. If you have been paying attention then you must have noticed that Flipkart is one enterprise that has acquired funding from all the three capitalists while Ola has acquired funds from the top two investors.

ideaIDEA: One thing we can refer to as the pre-requisite is the ‘idea’. A well proof idea that is going to make it large in a country like India is the most important thing. You will have to prove your idea beneficial by trying it in market. Go ahead, test it at various levels and platforms then bang at the doors of the investors for funding. You will be welcomed warmly.


Team: Investors are very keen about your team. IITians are known to acquire investment with great ease when compared to entrepreneurs from the regular college.

team It is time for you to focus on your team. Hire people who have proved their mettle in past and are really passionate about ideas and not money.

Targeted Audience: Making waves in sea of opportunities are not going to help. You will have to make specified efforts in order to reach that island where magic happens. You will have to get incessant with efforts in the same direction to hit the target.

targeted audienceThere are umpteen challenges in the field of entrepreneurship, you will have to be very clever and innovate to make it to the end. These investors are going to help you reach the shore but make sure that you have a team who is going to stand by you when things fall apart.

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