World Bank names India to be favorite for investment in 2016

world bank

world bank

This is going to upset opposition and liberals but will surely cheer up the hardworking entrepreneurs. Yes! World Bank has again listed India as the favorite land for investment in the fiscal 2016-17. With the China’s economy crashing and with the scheduled business reforms, India will showcase an impressive growth rate of 7.8.

Indian startup community has already proved its worth and it is now Government’s turn to reward them. The central government led by Narendra Modi will be releasing new set of plans and reforms related to Startup India Standup India on 16th January. The entrepreneurs from the remotest corners of the world are feeling energized to do great things in the New Year.

To a lot of us, it may seem as a bogus and hoax but small-scale entrepreneurs are the ones who are going to get benefited the most from all the new reforms. It is now going to be easier to start a business and make it successful. The reduced taxation and the increased access to resources and financial aids in form of MUDRA Yojana will fund SMes and Small Scale Startups in every state.

Apart of all, that tech startups can do; government is also ensuring that skilled industry is also provided with requisite access to business development opportunities. States like Andhra Pradesh and Odhisha have already issued guidelines for restructuring of MSME in their states. It is only a matter of time that SMes will be empowering startups with the requisite products to sale and earns profits.

India is going on the right track; with the huge amount of investment coming through Make In India and Startup Investments, there lies a huge opportunity for Indian entrepreneurs to turn around the world and provide them with the requisite solution.

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