Yuvraj Singh’s venture YouWeCan invests in Black White Orange-A Brand Licensing startup

Yuvraj Singh is a household name in the Indian community; he is known for his match winning capabilities and for the lethal cancer that tried to snatch India’s biggest match-winner. Yuvraj has always been a winner and he has proved it multiple times.


Yuvraj Singh's venture YouWeCan invests in Black White Orange-A Brand Licensing startup
Yuvraj Singh’s venture YouWeCan invests in Black White Orange-A Brand Licensing startup

YouWeCan is something Yuvraj Singh is related emotionally. YouWeCan came to existence when Yuvraj realized how lethal and disastrous cancer could get. With the passing time and the unprecedented growth, Yuvraj Singh decided to extend the limits of the business. Today YouWeCan is a Venture Capitalist. They are eyeing passionate entrepreneurs and are providing them with the requisite fund.

YouWeCan is again in news for all the good reasons, Mumbai-based startup Black White Orange has raised funds from them and is looking forward to a glorious future. This Mumbai based startup is a brand licensing company. Based in Mumbai they are reported to have raised a very handsome amount.

startup2If reports from various agencies and resources are to be believed then YouWeCan will be making a huge investment of 40-50 crores in the coming years. This brand licensing company is bound to grow at a neck breaking speed with such a huge fund by their side. Black White Orange is a potential startup and we can say that with a lot of authority because it’s been only two months that this startup was launched and it has acquired funding from YouWeCan.

The changing face of entrepreneurship in India is helping people come up with ideas that are need of the time. The new age entrepreneurs are not only smart, they are also well-informed and eager to take up responsibilities. The efforts made by newbie entrepreneurs are pushing the envelope and a better world is going to be come out from it.

A lot of articles in recent past had suggested that the Startup Bubble in India is bursting but what we are seeing on daily basis is completely different than what is being quoted. Every startup with potential is acquiring funding and is functioning to the best of its capability.



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