Blackstone set to invest $2B in India: How is it going to impact India?  


BlackstoneThere seems to be joy in the country with biggies from around the world looking forward to invest in India. India is rising, after being ranked less corrupt than China, India is only going to rise and rise. Entrepreneurs from India have come to develop an understanding of the contemporary situation, the passion and the confidence is increasing. It is going to be only matter of time that Indian Entrepreneurs will start sharing stage with the biggies from around the world.

Blackstone, one of the best investment asset mangers is keeping an eye on India. The changing rules and the governance reforms are playing an important factor in placing India on the irresistible platter in front of the world.

India, Philippines and Japan are few other South Asian Countries that are being eyed by investors from around the world. Blackstone has declared his investment interest in India and Philippines. With Blackstone making investment related announcement, other investors with an impressive portfolio are now showing similar interest in India and Philippines. This showdown of investment in India is going to go down in History. People will remember as the stroke that changed the face of the Indian Startup Community.


There are varied factors that are going to be taken under consideration while speculating possibilities of investment in India and Philippines. Indian Government has shown amazing reforms in the recent past and rankings are the proof of the same. The loss faced by Modi Government in Bihar also affected the share market. The Sensex had to experience a downfall because of Modi losing around 16 Rajya Sabha Seats from Bihar Assembly.

Blackstone the investor with the best investment portfolio has decided to invest an enormous amount of $2Billion in India over the next five years. The investor looks forward to invest the across the industries. Manufacturing sector and the startup community are going to be the base of such investment. The manager aims to grow with the Indian growth and it is going to be beneficial for the Indian as well as the world economy.

Startup community of India is growing at an unprecedented rate and this is going to have a trickle down effect on the contemporary economy. Startups functioning in non-metropolitan cities will acquire these investments and help their local community earn better bread.

Trickle down effect will help people increase their livelihood and also increase their income. More and more people involving with startups will allow lead to a stronger economy. By using foreign investment and developing an indigenous brand and competing with MNCs will help India develop a stronger community.

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