How Can One Measure Employee Engagement In The Startup?

How Can One Measure Employee Engagement In The Startup

Do you consider employees as an important part of the concern ? Have you ever tried to measure or track an employee engagement ? Well…!!! Employee engagement ? What does that mean ? Is it linked to the efficiency and productivity competencies of an employee ? And the answer would be “NOT AT ALL”. Because employee engagement is linked to the emotional sense of an employee, it refers to the concentrated attachment of an employees mind and heart towards the work in an organization. An engaged employee performs the task effectively by directing all his dedication and involved.

Before actually identifying how to measure employee engagement, you should identify “How are you going to identify whether an employee is engaged or not ?”. Because there are a varied variety of organizations in the business sphere with different a set of protocol. The meaning of employee engagement varies according to the nature of work. Consider an example: Company A, assumes an employee to engaged if he is into social media (Might be his work is to monitor social media activities) whereas Company B, assumes an employee to be disengaged if he is into social media.

Employee engagement also depicts the relationship an employee frames with the company in the due course of time. So, it becomes increasingly important to strengthen and build the company culture in good terms. As it helps in learning and understanding things better and wiser. Understanding the employee engagement is very helpful to develop the company culture in a good way. As it helps you get alert about the misfortunes and problem by paving the way to make an appropriate correction.

How Can One Measure Employee Engagement In The Startup

But, Have You Ever Wondered ? How Can One Track The Employee Engagement ????

Well..!!! Before that, you should understand that employee engagement occurs when an employee emotionally connects with an organization with a fortunate feel to work better and produce better both for his satisfaction and companies.

The techniques or tactics to help you measure employee engagement:

  • Try to know, what an employee thinks about the organization and the culture of the company. Understand does he feel comfortable in the atmosphere or not. Because if he feels comfortable and better. Then he would direct his best in work.
  • Notice if the employee comes out with any innovative and out of the box ideas. Because the generation of ideas and better ways depict that he loves to be engaged with the company. And thereby works towards its progress.
  • Do they try to collaborate their ideas and views to help the business process go successful ? Or Do they stay mum at do what is said?Because the answer to both of it has a different outcome.
  • A mere discussion with all the employees and members of the organization would help you know employee engagement.
  • Fitness and wellness, undoubtedly adds the fortune to the business. So, when that is the case you can make an effort to include some fitness and wellness program to monitor the enthusiastic participation of the employees.
  • One more rocking way to measure employee engagement is with the help of “Surveys”. All you have to is prepare a small questionnaire which includes questions like:
  • Improvements and Suggestion in the company.
  • Meeting quality ?
  • Employee rating on the scale of 0 to 10.
  • Opinions.
  • Are they willing to spare extra time or hours ?
  • Do they contribute to the growth of the company ?
  • Are they playing well as a teammate ?
  • Do they wish to be credited or appreciated frequently ?
  • As an employee, are they ready to take up the roles and responsibilities ?

So, when you improvise according to their suggestions and opinions they feel boosted and it thereby rises the employee engagement.

  • Welcome them to serve feedback and do try to act upon them.
  • There are several online tools and software to help you measure employee engagement like Time Tracking Software, TimeCamp etc.

Therefore, should keep in mind that a continuous employee engagement policy would make your company grow better and healthier. A good engagement policy can retain the employees. And a good retention marks healthy human capital in the organization.

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