Crero a consumer tech startup raised $3 Million from Sequoia, Indian Quotient and Beenext Ventures

tech startup

tech startup

 If we are looking forward to measure the success of tech startups in India, we must ignore the amount of investment raised but at the same time, we must concentrate on the number of active users. India have always been a country that raised millions of USD but it is only in recent past that Indian startups and enterprises have been successful in increasing their user base. The change is positive and is inspiring more and more entrepreneurs.

Foreign investors have started taking number of users as the new measures of sanctioning funds. The tech startups with a growth of 100-500 percent get funded easily than the one with slower growth rate. It is extremely important for the entrepreneurs and the founders of the tech startups to concentrate on user acquisition instead of raising funds.

Crero is a consumer technology based startup from Bengaluru and it has raised an investment of $3 million. The investors from whom Crero raised this whopping sum are Indian Quotient, Sequoia and Beenext Ventures. The investors are also looking into the possibilities of future investment only if the startup maintains the same growth.

This consumer technology startup has bigger plans; they aim to build smartphones equipped with a new and impressive OS developed all by them. They actually aim to fill in the gap evident in the software sector. In the contemporary world, Hardware is growing at a rapid rate and has a variety of options but choose from but when it comes software, we are bound to choose either Android or IOS.

The new option will leverage people with the liberty to experiment with their choices and enjoy a completely new experiment. The startup also aims to impact the OS market and increase India’s contribution on the global level.

This consumer technology startup was previously known as Mango Man Consumer Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Initially they develop an HDMI streaming device and the company claims to have sold more than 50,000 devices across the country. Based in the startup capital of India, this startup from Bengaluru just might be India’s first Microsoft.

The ideas and the funds are temporary and once you have started working hard and concentrating on quality, these things ceases to matter. It is extremely essential for entrepreneurs to impact lives, solve problems, undertake the reviews and improve their product.

The world needs more and more entrepreneurs who are looking forward to break the monotony. A new OS will definitely entice people to do amazing things and improve their lives for better.

Once we all are into the new product and if we are liking it, we will crave for more and more alternatives hence a new breed of entrepreneurs and startups will be inspired.