HyperCat incubator by Flexeye to empower IOT startups


HyperCat incubator by Flexeye to empower IOT startups
HyperCat incubator by Flexeye to empower IOT startups


Hyderabad seems to be on a roll. What came for Hyderabad as a disaster in the beginning of this year has turned out to be a glorious event in the fate of the city. No other city in India has registered spectacular growth as Hyderabad did; it is already on its way of dethroning Bengaluru as the IT Capital of India. With India’s biggest Incubation Center that can accommodate more than 800 startups and with the growing number of investments, Hyderabad is a huge challenge for other cities and the State Governments in the company.

Flexeye a UK based firm has decided to setup a Startup Incubator in the city of Hyderabad. The incubator is going to support IoT based Startups. Flexeye is a Software and Solutions provider in UK. This incubator will not only be helping Startups but will also look into the prospects of Smart City development in the country.

To a lot of people, it may come as shock but yes! The contemporary Indian Government has got an eminent role to play in this investment. Flexeye aims to provide Indian smart cities with the requisite services and IoT being an important for service and interactive product development, this incubation center was a necessity. The enterprise aims to empower IoT startups and help them develop products that will come handy in the Indian Smart Cities.

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things is a modern day technology that uses interactive details and data for providing exceptional services and product delivery. The technology makes use of Internet, Cloud Storage and Human Interaction records for improving day-to-day interaction between Human and Technologies. Amazon Dash is one of the most popular Internet of Things technologies but it is yet to make a debut in India and Indian sub-continent.

HyperCat is non-profit project from the house of Flexeye. The center is going to be spread over 8,000 sq. feet and will accommodate around 40 Indian Startups working on Internet of Things technology. If reports are to be believed UK is looking forward to make an investment of $40 Million in the development of IoT and its uses in India and across the globe.

Internet of Things is bound to simplify lives; people will be able to order products with just one touch or click. Ordering medicines and other items is going to be very easy with the presence of IoT in the lives of common people.

“It leverages the existing UK government funding in HyperCat and supporting the agreement between the UK and Indian governments to jointly develop three Indian smart cities,” Andrew McAllister, British High Commission of India said.

This Incubation center in Hyderabad will not only help India acquire some amazing IoT products and services but will also open doors for innovations and enlighten. More and more enterprises will come under light for developing services that will change the way people interact with technology.