Investing in Startup Companies is the new hobby

Investing in Startup Companies is the new hobby

‘Remember the Golden Rule. He who has the Gold makes the Rule’, people keep citing this quote again and again and it stands as tall as stand as the portfolio of any of the successful investor from around the world.

Investing in Startup Companies is the new hobbyIn the contemporary world, starting a business is easier when compared to the time of last decade. Over the stint of one decade the entrepreneurial industry has been revolutionized and today better opportunities are available.

Investors from around the world have been eyeing the changing face of entrepreneurial industry and on finding these changes to be vivid and grander they have decided to be a key player in this industry.

Entrepreneurs from the last few decades who have been successful in building a brand are now turning into investors. They are meeting a lot of young entrepreneurs and are trying to own their businesses virtually by providing them with the requisite seed fund.

The availability of option where a successful entrepreneur can invest in your business and act like a mentor for young lads is motivating and it has started to trend. A lot of successful entrepreneurs have decided not only to invest in startup companies but also provide them with the seed fund to start the company with.

Investing in startup companies is easier and secure from the perspective of these successful entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are the successful people, they have been there and they know what it takes to reach there hence they are going to rewrite the brains of the newbies in such a way that it will make loads of profits.


Some of the famous Entrepreneurs who turned into Investors are:

Sachin Bansal: Sachin is one person who has revolutionized the e-commerce industry in India for better. His co-founded enterprise Flipkart is not only a platform but also a synonym for online shopping for people residing in remotest villages of India. Sachin himself being a new age entrepreneur identifies the needs of the contemporary market and also identifies the need of investing in startup companies hence he decided to fund startups with world changing ideas. Some of the startups he has invested into are: Touch Talent, Ather.

 Kunal Bahl: The entrepreneur who is pissed with Flipkart changing the way people shop is also an investor. Kunal Bahl the co-founder of Snapdeal is also on the way of becoming investors who care for the world and are ready to take risk with the newbies, irrespective of experiences they have had when they were starting up. Companies in which Kunal Bahl has invested into are: Tiny Owl, Ola Cabs and

 Anupam Mittal: the story of this entrepreneur is inspiring and full of struggles. The founder of is also the founder of He has witnessed the innocuous faces of entrepreneurship and understands the business world better than any other entrepreneur in the contemporary India. He has decided to start investing in startup companies and leverage them with the power to do more. This young and dynamic entrepreneur turned Investor has invested in Ola cabs and in Zepo Café.

Starting a company is easier but making it survive through the stiff competition is difficult; it takes a lot of courage, passion and money to make it to the other end of sea of unknown, with these investors by the side of newbies will help them in reaching to the island where The Magic Happens.