Investors powered Indian Startups with $9 Billion in 2015

Investors powered Indian Startups with $9 Billion in 2015


Indian Startups

2015 was an amazing year for India and its nascent startup ecosystem. The new government at the center left no stone unturned in order to help startups acquire seed capital; they have also ensured that the path to success is easier when compared to what it was a year ago. Apart of that Indian startups and young entrepreneurs have showed a way to the world. India turned out to be the world’s third largest startup ecosystem only after US and UK.

The success story of Indian Startups is huge and really inspiring but at the end of the day every thing comes down to the amount of money they raised and by the amount of revenue generated. Well the amount of revenue generated by Flipkart, Snapdeal, OLA, and are simple proof of the enigmatic future of startups in India.

Well when we are talking about the success stories of Flipkart and others in the same league we should also appreciate the efforts of entrepreneurs who have been successful in solving a problem for example Freecharge and PayTM, they solved the problem of access to recharge and varied coupons at odd hours of the day.

A lot has happened in the past year. Indian startup ecosystem had few amazing moments. India’s biggest Incubation center at Hyderabad will empower more than 800 startups and not only that Google will be training developers on Android for free and offer free Wi-Fi services at more than 700 railway stations.

If the reports are accumulated then a total of $9 Billion have been invested in Indian startup. This data includes varied investments made from January till December. Indian startups have done really well since 2010 but the amount of investment acquired in 2015 is almost double of what it was in 2014. Around 300 rounds of investments incurred $4 Billion in the financial year 2014.

Mobile and Online category startups are the ones with the maximum investment. The online stores have not only provided people with an option but it is also impacting their lifestyle. India’s online market is bound to grow by 800 percent in the coming decades. Investors and VCs understands this and hence they are leaving no stone unturned in providing entrepreneurs with the best of money and resources to build the next Amazon.

A step towards the future:

 2015 was surely not the end, it is the beginning; Indian startups are going to scale and acquire more and more investments with passing time. Indian entrepreneurs are lucky enough to have mentors like Satya Nadella who has promised to help them at every step. It is only a matter of time that Indian entrepreneurs are going to take over the world and provide world with an alternative for every existing product and services.

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