Private Equity firm Partners Group plan to invest $1B in India during 2016-2021



While the startup culture in the country has acquired pace but the stagnant economy has failed to acquire the speedy growth the new government promised to the country. Billions of investment from around the world has entered India in the span of 20 months since this new government resumed power but the lack of support from opposition and lack of seats in Upper House of the Parliament has pushed the contemporary Government back on its foot.

The government is making strides to work out a way with Opposition but things are not going into the favor. While the lack of reforms and new rules might haunt the country in the long run but the dynamic improvement in rankings have helped the country acquire huge investments from around the world.

Today India is growing at better rate than China did last year and also promises to be the next big thing in the startup community. A news that pushes the India’s fight towards a better economy is Swiss Investment Firms Partners Group plan to invest $1 Billion in India. The firm plans to invest the huge sum in the coming three to five years.

The Swiss Equity firm Partners Group is yet to reveal its plan of investment. The investors and experts are assuming startup investment to be the paradigm that the said firm will follow. Experts are also eyeing this new investment as a boost for Indian Startup Community along with a great boost to the growing economy.

Partner groups have been incessant with their endeavor of investment in India. They have invested a sum of $800 Million in the span of ten years. Swiss firms have always eyed India as the potential market for expansion and development of new industrial areas and with the new reforms under process, all these things seems to be a reality sooner or later.

Swiss equity Firm Partner Groups were founded in the year of 1996 and since then they have invested in hundreds of startups and enterprises. Registered on SIX Swiss Exchange they have their headquarter base in Zug, Switzerland. Partners and the employees are the one who holds the maximum share in the firm and probably it is why they are named as Partner Groups.

Partner Groups is seeking two-three investment opportunities every year across the world. They have developed this understanding that investing in developed countries is one of the best ways of acquiring huge profits and beating revenues.

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