Monday , 17 December 2018

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Top Indian Businesses houses lineup to invest in Startups

A new breed of successful houses in India are lining up to invest in startups. Some of them have reached out to the government seeking opportunities for investment while a lot of them are getting in touch with startups directly. Ratan Tata and Narayan Murthy surely have inspired these big houses to come forward and support these small businesses. Small ... Read More »

Private Equity firm Partners Group plan to invest $1B in India during 2016-2021


While the startup culture in the country has acquired pace but the stagnant economy has failed to acquire the speedy growth the new government promised to the country. Billions of investment from around the world has entered India in the span of 20 months since this new government resumed power but the lack of support from opposition and lack of ... Read More »

Waterline Data Science-US based startup bags $4M investment from Infosys

 Literally gone are the days when India used to line up in front of UK and US seeking investment for its nascent startups. Today not only Investors from US and UK are turning towards India on their own but are also pouring in Billions of Dollar for a better tomorrow. On one hand Indian Startup Community has proved its mettle ... Read More »

Once the market settles, Investors will turn to India: RBI Governor

In the past 3 weeks Indian Share Market has crashed drastically. The crash has nothing to do with Indian Economy but the crack down has sent a fear across the investors and entrepreneurs. The crack down which reflected in Indian market was a due of crashing Chinese economy. We may shrug the blame by saying that it is Chinese economy ... Read More »