Qikpod to change India’s logistic and control carbon emission by creating world’s largest parcel locker network


Qikpod to change India’s logistic and control carbon emission by creating world’s largest parcel locker network
Qikpod to change India’s logistic and control carbon emission by creating world’s largest parcel locker network

Entrepreneurship has always been about finding problems and solving it but in recent past we have seen companies creating problems. We have seen how Flipkart and Snapdeal have made the roads chaotic and delivery a time taking process. Who is going to solve it? Another set of entrepreneurs? If we are seeking newbie entrepreneurs to solve such innocuous issues then we are seeking apocalypse. We need well-groomed and experienced entrepreneurs to take up this task and solve it.

Ravi Gururaj, a reputed serial entrepreneur understands the problem well. He not only understands the problem but also is also eager to solve it. Continuing with his entrepreneurial journey, he has decided to found Qikpod, which is going to be the world’s largest parcel locker network. The startup has already acquired a seed fund of $9 Million from Flipkart, Delhivery and Foxconn Mobile.

Ravi Gururaj, a reputed serial entrepreneur
Ravi Gururaj, a reputed serial entrepreneur


The startup aims to develop a network of intelligent lockers to speed up the delivery process across the metro cities. Flipkart delivers around 8 Million parcels every month, the delivering network is good but it is re-delivery where the network fails. Re-delivering is expensive and harmful to the environment as well. Visiting one address twice on a motor vehicle is adding to the carbon emission.

The new network is supposed to cut short the distances and also bring down the cost of re-delivery. Delhivery and Flipkart believe it to be the next big thing in the logistic sector. With this intelligent network in place logistic companies will be able to delivery products even when the customer is physically absent and save him or herself from re-delivering the packet.

A set of connected lockers will help people to accept delivery and send returning packages with great ease and grace. People will also be saved from the hassles of waiting, payment and collecting packages at office hours. With such a network in place both the parties will be able to save a lot of important time and also save the environment from further annihilation.

The founder, Gururaj, informed the world about the usages of technologies such as Internet of Things in this product. The use of the new and efficient technologies will help people realize that a packet is waiting for them in their locker and the same technology will also notify the logistic whenever a package is left for return. The company for now plans to establish a total of 50,000 lockers. These 50,000 lockers are going to be distributed through major metro cities in the country. Sooner or later this Qikpod parcel box will be deployed in every apartment and office building.

With such a technology and product in place, people will be able to manage their office hours better. There are going to be no more excuses for leaping out of offices and collecting parcels. One can always depend on this intelligent network and collect parcels in free time.




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