Startup Culture & Contribution of Software Developers

In the startup sector and even beyond that, the importance of developers has gradually rose and one of the reasons behind this change was the major roles they have played in the huge successes of existing and new companies. Many organizations have witnessed and analyzed what a developer with a single idea can achieve, and how paramount their contribution to an organization’s growth is. So many organizations have taken measures and re-evaluated their approach, in cultivating these developers & creating a good startup culture. They have assessed and came up with the single outcome, that a happy developer is an ideal developer.

Startup Culture & Contribution of Software Developers

So, in order to boost their comfort and productivity, various measures were taken like upgrading their work environment, by investing on more technologically advanced equipment so that, the team work could be better and there is no limitation in the collaboration between the various team members, their progress in not barred due to slow and outdated versions of software and hardware, and the developers are more comfortable in working in their respective projects. Moreover, the freedom from standard protocols in uniforms, and office attendance have been helpful in their productivity. Open workspaces have been quite beneficial to the developers, as the comfort of the home is always relaxing to every individual and in case of meetings between the team members to solve issues in the project, e-conferencing has been instrumental, not to forget the abundance of various applications to always stay connected with every team member, anytime and anywhere.

In addition to these changes in work environment, there is also the most important factor: salary, and like always- the higher, the better. Developers with high salary would be without doubt more engrossed in their work, and of course would be happy doing it. Supplementing the existing salary changes, there are also fringe benefits like dinner, valets and official parties which makes the developers more interested and loyal towards their organizations. It also helps in keeping the morale high in a team.

Apart from these above mentioned measures there are also many managerial changes in an organization that can help boost up productivity like, building empathy for business, by creating awareness and inducing emotions of loyalty and common cause in an organization, a team of developers would work hard to succeed in their projects for their organizations, and even help other co-workers to succeed. Trust also plays an important role, if the various team members of the same level or different levels, are open about the information they circulate without holding any of it, the projects is completed in an efficient manner, there could even be the solutions for the problems the higher ups could be facing in the future.

By giving the developers team enough of a framework around so they would do that, they can make the decisions rather than having someone instruct them what to do. If someone is motivated to work late, they should never need to ask a question about how they should get something done or what they should do. They should know the answer or know how to answer the question. Expecting the team to solve hard, interesting problems has been one of the most effective productivity boosters & helping in creating good startup culture.