Waterline Data Science-US based startup bags $4M investment from Infosys

 infosysLiterally gone are the days when India used to line up in front of UK and US seeking investment for its nascent startups. Today not only Investors from US and UK are turning towards India on their own but are also pouring in Billions of Dollar for a better tomorrow.

On one hand Indian Startup Community has proved its mettle in front of the world while on the other hand IT giants like TCS and Infosys have continued with their invest in foreign lands.

Infosys, India’s second-largest IT firm has decided to invest $4 Million in another US-based Startup. This is one of the many investments that Infosys plans to make in this year. Waterline Data Science is the startup that has been successful in seeking investment from Infosys.

The investment of $4 Million will help Waterline Data Science improve its existing technical infrastructure. Waterline Data Science is a startup that has been putting incessant efforts to help people in solving their data-related needs.

This startup manages huge data sets and help people make correct and affordable investment in stock market based on the data provided by them. The startup has worked hard to create analytical tools that analyses meta data, big data and data lineage for producing results that are beneficial for stock market traders and agents.

Waterline Data Science started its function during the early months of 2013 and since then they have helped thousands of people in making the right investment. Their analytical tools have reported to be highly efficient and worth all dollars in the world. Infosys is excited about the investment they are making in this startup.

Giant like Infosys has shown confidence in such a nascent startup is a proof that Indian Enterprises are ready to take bigger risk and fund startups that are working in the right line. Today Indians are taking pride in the work startups are doing but with such investments being made, Indians will also start taking pride in the investment they have made across the borders.

The change is inevitable; the two-way trade will help governments establish better relationships. The exchange of technologies will empower enterprises and startups in both the lands. The culture exchange will increase the bond of friendship will get stronger and stronger.

To the world, which thinks of India as fund seeker, here is a news for all of you. India is here to learn from world and give equally important lessons to everyone in need.

Infosys and TCS plans to invest in varied other foreign startups throughout this year. The increased investment will help Indian Enterprise develop a trust in foreign land as well.

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