Once the market settles, Investors will turn to India: RBI Governor


In the past 3 weeks Indian Share Market has crashed drastically. The crash has nothing to do with Indian Economy but the crack down has sent a fear across the investors and entrepreneurs. The crack down which reflected in Indian market was a due of crashing Chinese economy. We may shrug the blame by saying that it is Chinese economy that is falling but there’s something wrong with our policy that is making us suffer. It can be anything, huge presence of Chinese Manufacturers in the country or huge Chinese Investment coming across the boundary.

The falling rupee and the increasing worries have placed the entrepreneurs on the edge. The investment is increasing but the concerns related to it are rocketing. There is a need from the side of government to interfere and calm the things down. Today we need the government to step in and put a hold on the falling market.

RBI Governor, Raghuram Rajan is here to lead from the front and help Indian Diaspora along with the entrepreneurs in calming their nerves. What may seem like a false prediction to the world but is actually going to happen is what Rajan said recently. Rajan went on record and said that Markets are going to settle down and investors will start investing back in India and help the country acquire the requisite stability.

Market to Recover Soon:

Rajan is a man of commitment; he has won the world with his expertise and foresightedness and is now leading an institution of the grandest stature like a boss. Rajan is one of those eminent officers people look forward to listen to. He talks sense and also expresses concerns with a concluding statement. It is his presence at the RBI that has challenged government at times and has also helped the government relish of relying on RBI when it comes to introducing reforms.

Rajan is no political leaders hence it is easier for him to come in front and talk about the things we have been doing wrong. He never hesitates and condemning things and taking measures in order to set them straight.

The government along with RBI is taking varied measures to ensure that the Rupee recovers the downfall and the growing startup community is back on its way. The changing paradigms will help investors acquire the requisite confidence in the market and help entrepreneurs do much more things with great ease.

The whole thing here we are discussing is about the measures government an RBI is taking together to boost the recovery of Rupees in comparison to Dollar. The changes are going to surface once the reforms come under play and this is why Rajan has quoted Market to settle down and Investors will go for India. 2 weeks down the timeline and we will see the fallen share market rise like never before.