Amazon Dash is here to break the Internet

amazon dash button

For a technology like Internet of Things acquiring requisite fame was a difficult thing; it is one of the most efficient technologies that will push human race forward but the complexities and constraints of cloud computing are pulling it back.

With Amazon making a debut with Internet of Things the technology is now going to acquire the requisite fame. Contemporaries and competitors of Amazon will eye the concept and will make requisite research to get well versed with the technology and do something similar with their businesses.

Who is going to Benefit more?

The move Amazon made is going to benefit Amazon less and Internet of Things more. Internet of Things as a technology will get more common and with time it will turn into a household name. People will refer to it as they refer to online shopping and cash on delivery and that will be a big day.


Amazon Dash is one stop solution to all your ‘running out of’ problems. You may be working hard on the presentation and may run out of papers, what to do next? Rush to the stores, no, click a button and wait for the order to arrive. Yes! Amazon Dash is going to simplify life to that extent.

Understanding Amazon Dash better

Amazon Dash is a one-button interface integrated with Wi-Fi signals and it is no computer, it is a simple ordering device that will place your order directly with Amazon. Amazon will have to master the art of delivering well before they can deliver your paper before you are done with your printing stint.

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Dash button is of the size of a doorbell and can be placed anywhere in the corner. The dash button is going to fill a large part of your house in coming time; there is going to be a button for every branded product. A button for coffee powder, a button near every machine for the requisite cartridge and for the other refueling items.


Amazon has become rigorous towards the development of Dash Button. They are known to be in talk with big brands like Gillete, Olay, Tassimo and Bounty. Amazon is leaving no stone unturned in order to make Internet of Things a reality. In countries like India and China where consumerism is increasing, it is important that online stores are acquiring clairvoyant ideas and pushing human race forward.

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All of these buttons are going to be connected with your home Wi-Fi; they will have direct connection with the cloud database of the enterprise. The analytics software on the other end will analyze the sent data and place the order with the nearest Amazon warehouse.

The USP of these Dash buttons is that they can be placed anywhere in the house, you can place it near the bed, in the bathroom or on a mouse pad. The consumer will have a window of 30 minutes to cancel the order. After thirty minutes the order will be processed and faster delivery of the product will be made.

Amazon is vivid efforts in making world a better and a faster place to live. Amazon is planning to launch Amazon Dash in UK first then in US. Amazon meanwhile is perfecting the art of Drone delivery and is also ushering into the field of groceries.


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