Sunday , 20 August 2017

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News & Updates

Entrepreneurs line up for entry passes to Startup India event

Entrepreneurs line up for entry passes to Startup India event

The new age romantics are here and they are embracing the real love of doing what they have always wanted to do. Yes! We are not talking about poet or writers here; we are indeed explaining how Indian entrepreneurs are embracing the entrepreneurial romance. The newfound love is going to change the world around us for better. Never before in ... Read More »

World Bank names India to be favorite for investment in 2016

world bank

This is going to upset opposition and liberals but will surely cheer up the hardworking entrepreneurs. Yes! World Bank has again listed India as the favorite land for investment in the fiscal 2016-17. With the China’s economy crashing and with the scheduled business reforms, India will showcase an impressive growth rate of 7.8. Indian startup community has already proved its ... Read More »

Ratan Tata invests in Tracnx, the second investment in 2016  

Ratan Tata

   Ratan Tata is a household name; every enthusiastic entrepreneur wants to work with him. It is his charisma and business expertise that makes new age entrepreneurs trust this veteran. Ratan Tata is not only about being a Tata Son but also about being a Nationalist. He has worked really hard on varied fronts to ensure that India maintains a ... Read More »

India’s E-commerce Industry to touch $38 Billion mark in 2016

 2015 is over but India’s expedition has only started; Indian startup ecosystem has leveraged country with some amazing online portals to shop on be it Flipkart, Big Basket or Myntra. We Indians have surely found our own Amazon and Walmart. While we are grateful for the amazing online services there are entrepreneurs who are building the next big. Yes! In ... Read More »

Investors powered Indian Startups with $9 Billion in 2015

Investors powered Indian Startups with $9 Billion in 2015

  2015 was an amazing year for India and its nascent startup ecosystem. The new government at the center left no stone unturned in order to help startups acquire seed capital; they have also ensured that the path to success is easier when compared to what it was a year ago. Apart of that Indian startups and young entrepreneurs have ... Read More »

Tech startups can enjoy virtual incubation and free consultancy services with Nurturinno


In a country like India, where club of people tend to pull Doers, pursuing entrepreneurship as a career would have always been difficult. It is to the rescue of these entrepreneurs that there are enterprises like Nurturinno Consulting Pvt. Ltd. that are leaving no stone unturned to help these hardworking and aspiring people do what they are good at. Nurturinno ... Read More »

Startup India Standup India plan to see light on 16th January 2016

Startup India Standup India

Central Government led by Narendra Modi is all set to surprise Indian Youth with Startup India Stand up India announcements in the New Year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an announcement about the plan to surface on 16th January in his Mann ki Baat this Sunday. Prime Minister announced Startup India Standup India on the Independence Day this year, since ... Read More »

Indian Government to Exempt Taxes on Angel Investments and Esops


Next time an entrepreneur requests you to join his or her startup and take shares in return of your service then do not hesitate, sign up for it because Central Government is planning to curb taxes on such transactions and business models. Central Government is seeking drafts of new rules and changes for the financial budget for the year 2016-17. ... Read More »

New RBI Helpline to help startups on Forex Matters

New RBI Helpline to help startups on Forex Matters

 Taking forward the India’s efforts reforming business, Reserve Bank of India is all set to launch a dedicated helpline number that will help startups and freelancers understand Forex matters better. The RBI issued a notification providing details of the hotline and its usage. In recent past, more than 100 startups have been fined and succumbed to death because of erratic ... Read More »

The Engineer-MBA, storyteller behind the Leading Publishing House: Half Baked Beans

Founder Half Baked Beans

A vision to help others get rid of the problems, one has seen or faced has led to the formation of many successful start-ups today. Chetan Soni, recognized the same problem; amateur writers/ aspiring authors faced when it came to publishing their works and came up with a publishing startup to help them all get published without all those tiresome ... Read More »