Delhi based Wigzo raised 3 Crore in Round A Funding

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NCR and Bengaluru are the two hotspots for startups in the contemporary India. Studies and researches have listed these arenas as the cheapest regions of the country in near future. Startups are working as a change agent and it is only measure of time that we are going to experience a better lifestyle at affordable prices.

Apart of the efforts made by entrepreneurs, government and local people have also started supporting these startups. Every household is holding discussions over making a shift from retail to online stores. These changes are not only promoting a better lifestyle but also an effective economic growth.

Delhi based Wigzo raised 3 Crore in Round A Funding
Delhi based Wigzo raised 3 Crore in Round A Funding

Delhi-based startup Wigzo has raised a whopping sum of $500,000 almost Rs. 3 Crore. The said enterprise has raised funding from Aarin Capital Partners and Manipal Global Education.

The enterprise is looking forward to use the raised money for developing an effective delivery platform. The team is looking forward to develop an effective app and also a website that delivers to the best of potential. The requirement of new channels is something that the enterprise understands really effectively and they are looking forward to build a channel with the raised amount of money. The said enterprise has 34 clients as of now. The band of client includes enterprises from across the globe. Europe and US are some of the common marketplace.

Umair Mohammed, CEO, Wigzo, said:

Larger organisations have built excellent engagement channels with their subscribers using a data-driven approach. We want to take the same capabilities to all online businesses, irrespective of their size and scale and allow them to leverage our machine learning capabilities and predictive technology to hyper-personalise for each user.

The good thing about Indian startups that have surfaced in recent past is that they are acquiring good number of foreign clients. Every service sector enterprise is not only concentrating on Indian market but are also keeping an eye on the International market and this move is going to benefit hugely in the long run.

The changing face of Indian startup community will not only modernize India but will also impact the globe and help the world lead a better life.