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IoT Startups will acquire more users
IoT Startups will acquire more users

Israel has been the center of breathtaking technical innovations and developments. This one country alone has leveraged the world with devices and technology that simplifies lives and solves problem in multitude. Israel is not lagging when it comes to IoT Startups. A good number of Internet of Things companies have emerged in recent past and all of them are doing great jobs.

Internet of Things is one technology that will make businesses easier. Seller and buyer, both will benefit with the increased usages of this technology. The increasing influence of IoT Startups from Israel has coaxed Intel to set up an Innovation Lab in the country.

Intel identifies the potential of growing Internet. A survey predicts that by 2020, 50 Billion devices will be connected with The internet whereas today only 2 Billion devices are connected with The internet.


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Here we are going to discuss top 5 IoT startups from Israel that are working hard to make the world a better place to live in:

Consumer Physics: SciO: This IoT Startup is known to acquire a whopping investment of $2 million within a month of starting up. SciO is a USB-sized device that can be carried in a pocket. SciO is one amazing product from the IoT Startup Consumer Physics. It scans any product and tells you about its chemical composition. You can scan your apple or vegetables and check whether they are still good for eating or not.

It may sound little weird, but this one IoT startup is leveraging people with the power to be their own doctor. In the long run, this product is going to be proved really beneficial. We will be able to scan our plants and tell whether it needs more water or not.

Breezometer: All of us are vulnerable to the diseases and infections floating in the air we breathe. Life would have been easier if we had a device that measured the quality of air and provided us with health recommendations. A team of Environmentalists engineers from Israel seems to have got it right. They have started an IoT Startup where they are developing apps to measure the quality of air and then provide people with health recommendations.

The app is connected to air monitoring sensors from around the world, analyses the air and produces a result with the help of a pre-defined algorithm. This one IoT Startup was selected as one of the 20 hottest IoT startups from the world by CNBC last year. The app is going to be available in the USA soon.

IoT Startups increasing Human-Technology Interaction

Atomation: In the contemporary world of intellectuals and thinkers, there is no boundary for innovation and technological developments. People are looking forward to breaking a lot of rules. Atomation is an IoT Startup that allows people to connect things and items with Internet seamlessly. You can create code and connect any of your devices with the Internet. Atomation leverages the developers and engineers with a kit that makes it easier for the developers to connect devices with The internet.

Beyond Verbals: Beyond Verbals is an IoT Startup that raised an investment of 3.3 million Dollars by reading emotions in voices on varied devices. This amazing IoT product works on voice controlled devices and tells you about the emotions of the person speaking into the speaker. This one application has helped people in decoding the emotions of the person they have been talking to.

Investors think of this app as the next big thing in the field of understanding emotional intelligence. Beyond Verbals is going to be of great use to Police and investigating departments.

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EyeSight: Remember Sixth Sense technology developed by Pranav Mistry? EyeSight is one of the successful IoT Startups from Israel, which is using the same platform for making touch-free interactions with digital devices an easy task. People will be able to do more without moving from their places.

EyeSight is always connected to the Internet and it matches the gesture made with the pre-defined gestures and makes the devices work accordingly. Hundreds of Internet Giants like Microsoft, Samsung and Apple have got into the competition and all of them are trying to develop a device that will make Human-Technology interactions simple and graceful.

This is not the end; a lot of IoT Startups from around the world are changing paradigms with their amazing products. Like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated with all IoT Startups news.