10 of the World’s Hottest Startups


Top Hottest Startups

It is proved and well understood that only by solving problems that enterprises can make a place for themselves in the hearts of people. Hundreds of startups are emerging every month but only a handful of them are able to register themselves as the hottest startups of all times.

The world has come to develop an understanding about importance of startups in the contemporary world. It is important to encourage these enterprises and entrepreneurs to do good work. News channels and media houses have been really incessant with back patting. They have always been finding out the hottest startups and have been rewarding them with titles and monetary funds.

Here is a list of hottest startups from around the world that are solving a lot of problems and are changing the world for better:

GLAMSQUAD: This one amazing startup is the UBER of fashion world. It brings the stylist to your house just before you leave for the show. Gone are the days when stars were supposed to reach the show earlier for make up and styling purpose, now they can get their touch up done way before leaving for the show.

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Spring: This is one of the hottest Startups because Apple INC. named it as the best app of 2014. Spring is known to be the Instagram of shopping. You can buy products from branded stores with the help of your fingerprints and you can also pay for the same through Apple Pay.

DWNLD: DWNLD is the wordpress of the app world. You do not need to know the varied nuances of coding and programming in order to develop an application. DWNLD lets you do that with great ease. You can go ahead and use this app for getting other apps published on varied app stores.

Love for Hottest Startups

Ello: Ello is one of the hottest startups because it is anti-Facebook. No, not just anti-Facebook but anti-ads as well. This startup was the most talked startup last year because it served with all the entertainments of a social network like Facebook without placing ads on its interface.

Curbside: Curbside is an app that simplifies lives, you can sit in your car and order your groceries and other necessary items and receive them from a local store without moving out of your car. Ain’t this amazing? Yes, it is hence it is one of the hottest startups.

Top IoT Startups: 

Reserve: There are only handful apps that help you with restaurant reservations and most of them are also known to fail when it comes to live reservation. You can only do advance booking through those apps but Reserve lets you do real time booking at a wide range of hotels.

SHYP: SHYP is a logistic company and it works according to you. You need not to carry the parcel to the store, all you need to do is click a photograph of the parcel and it will picked from your house sooner or later. There are amazing inexpensive packages as well. This one startup has solved the logistic problem hence it is one of these hottest startups.

Jet.com: This startup is referred to as Amazon Killer. The founder of this startup is a serial entrepreneur and is known for amazing business skills. He promises to deliver a new kind of e-commerce experience through this startup.

We love Hottest Startups

Mink: Heard about 3D print technology? Yes, now it is time for you to learn about its usages. Mink is one startup that uses the technology for producing make up items in your house. You can use the product for creating the make up of your choice in your house. This startup is surely going to go places and solve a lot of problem. This happens to be one of the most loved startups from the list of hottest startups.

Alfred: This amazing startup lets you order a butler for yourself. The butler is going to sort your mails, fold your clothes and will also take care of other necessities.

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