Top Wearables made in Israel  

Top wearables made in Israel


Top wearables made in Israel


With Internet of Things and Google Surface in lime light the world soon is going to witness a pool of technologies that will take human-technology interaction to a different level. Internet of Things has leveraged humans with the power to order things online just with a click. Google surface has allowed humans to make the best use of their sensation of touch for getting updated with information from around the world.

We have read how Israel is transforming businesses and lives of common people with the help of Internet of Things as a technology. Now let’s concentrate on top wearables made in Israel with an aim to make the world a better place to live.

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Top wearables made in Israel are as follows:

OrCam Technologies: This one wearable allows the Blinds to see by hearing. This wearable has a camera fitted into the glass, which reads all the words focussed on. This technology enables blind people lead a simple life like everyone else. The company which developed OrCam aims to help blind people identify varied colors and patterns in the coming future.

ReWalk: This wearable is referred to as the best wearable ever developed. This amazing tool allows the people suffering from below waist paralysis to stand and walk like they used to. People who lost the sense of touch in their lower torso can now walk like normal people and lead a normal life.

Angel Censor: If only we had the ability to identify the health issues before it gets worse we would have avoided. Angel Censor is a bracelet like wearable that keeps a tab on our body 24X7. This wearable measures all the functioning of the body and informs us about any irrelevant changes. The wearable warns you about your health getting worse way before you can feel it.

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MUV Interactive: This wearable converts every surface into touchscreen for you and leverages you with the power to compute with great ease. This is one tool that is going to be of great use for diplomatic and defensive usages for every country. Troops will be able to understand the geographic and develop strategies with great ease.

Meta Shades: No, these are not similar to one of those Google Glasses. Meta Shade offers you a wider range of view with much more zooming option. With this shade you can access your smartphone and laptop with the help of swiping gestures.

HereO: This is for all those naughty kids and for all those concerned parents out there. This wearable watch is fitted with a GPS and it helps you locate your naughty kid at varied times of the day. You can monitor it on your smartphone or on other mobile devices.

Israel may be referred to as the third world country but the innovations and the technical developments coming out of this world are simply amazing. All these are top wearables made in Israel are going to solve real life problems and will leverage humans with the power to do more no matter what come may be.

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